Stair Tread Bracket
Stair Tread Bracket
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200 x 75 x 75 x 3
Available in Galvanised, Black, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
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Maclock Multi Purpose

Stair Tread Bracket

Stairways Made Easy


Maclock Multi Purpose Stair Tread Brackets are designed for use with most types of stair treads and can be fastened to a varietyof surfaces including steel stringers or timber or masonry surfaces. This makes Maclock Multi Purpose Stair Tread Brackets a truly universal fixing for stairway construction. It is suitable for spiral stairs as well as conventional stairways.
stair2.gif Bolt or screw to timber Stringers or Mansonry surface


Maclock Multi Purpose Stair Tread Brackets are manufactured from steel. The finish can be black (not treated) or galvanised - whichever suits the purpose.
Weld to Steel Stringers


Maclock Fasteners hold timber together

· Metal Stringers - weld bracket to stringer
· Timber - bolt bracket to timber
· Masonry - use dynabolt type fixings to bolt to walls etc.
· Manufactured from Black Mild Steel or Galvanised Steel, 3mm thick
· Black Mild Steel or Galvanised Steel
· Most stair treads can be used on Maclock Stair Tread Brackets including concrete, timber, metal.




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