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anchorroad1.jpg Maclock Post Anchors offer an easy and economical approach to securing sign posts for council requirements.

The Maclock Post Anchor is mechanically or manually driven into the ground so that the top is level with the ground or slightly above. The sign post is inserted into the anchor and held in place with the unique patented Maclock wedging system.

The time consuming task of preparing holes and concreting posts into the ground is eliminated. The saving in time alone gives the Maclock Post Anchor a clear advantage over the established method. The system is widely used by government departments and pipeline installers and operators. Thousands of post anchors have been used on the Bellara to Mt. Isa gas pipeline. These were manufactured in our facility. We are also major suppliers to councils.


Maclock Post Anchors eliminate the need to secure posts in the ground by concreting.

The wide blades of Maclock Post Anchors ensure greater contact area between post anchor and soil. Resistance to lateral and uplifting forces is maximised.

Cost savings are significant: No holes to dig - Maclock Post Anchors are simply driven into the ground. No concrete to mix. No cement. No aggregate. No water. Maclock Post Anchors are self locking and hold firmly in most soil compositions. No waiting for concrete to set - Maclock Post Anchors, once driven into the ground, are ready to use. And if the sign or sign post is damaged, it is an easy task to remove the post from the anchor and replace it with a new one. No digging or struggling to remove heavy concrete bases!


anchordiagram1.jpg Installation

Drive Maclock Post Anchor into ground. Be certain the anchor is driving vertically. The top of the anchor should be level with or protruding slightly from the soil.

Insert the post in the neck of the Maclock Post Anchor. Drive wedges into the wedge slots at the top of the anchor neck. When these are fully inserted, the post will be held firmly in position.


Available Options

Maclock Post Anchors are manufactured for tubular steel posts of 40NB and 50NB diameter. Post Anchor lengths are 360mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm. Blade widths are 50mm and 60mm. Special sizes are made for use in the pipeline industry. Details and prices are available on request.

Maclock Pipeline Marker Signs

A complete package is offered including Maclock Post Anchors, sign posts, signs and aerial marker hoods. These are supplied to the requirements of pipeline owners. For major projects, installation services are available.

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